Hyderabad flextech limited is committed to supply flexible and rigid printed circuits to the requirements and satisfaction of customers, following the international quality standards and contractual obligations. We will strive to be the best, by continual improvement of the processes and system.”

Equipments used to Ensure Quality

A. Beta Scope For measurement of Plating thickness
B. Struers Micro-sectioning Equipment For ensuring the Quality of PTH and measuring thickness of ..Plating.
C. Environmental Test Chambers For reliability test of FPCs
D. Automated CNC Optical .Inspection Systems For high-precision Inspection and measurement of FPC features. Also used for digitization of Circuit
E. PCB Testers For continuity checks on all types of FPCs
F. Programmable Electrical Tester For continuity and functional checks on assembled FPCs
G. All other Equipment such as High Pot Tester Flexibility Tester, Pull Peel Tester etc., For conducting Quality tests as per IPC Specifications.