Capability Matrix

No. of layers Flex pcb 1 – 8 Layers
Rigid Single, Double layer
Surface insulation Surface insulation
Laminate thickness
(Excluding stiffener thickness)
Flex pcb 5 mils to 13 mils (0.125mm to 0.762mm)
Rigid 0.4 to 3.2 mm for rigid circuits
Max working pane 20” x 18” (500mm x 450mm)
Min finished hole 0.012” (0.30 mm)
Min.track width / space 4 mils / 4 mils (0.10mm / 0.10mm)
Surface Finish Electrolytic tin Plating
Immersion tin Plating
Immersion silver Plating
Hot Air Solder Leveling- lead free solder (HAL)
Electroless Gold Plating (ENIG)
Direct gold over copper, OSP etc.