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Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Product Description

....Flexible PCBs have become an established interconnection concept in many applications where their weight, as well as their advantages in saving space and assembly-time leads to an economic advantage over traditional solutions. Flexible PCBs will have the function of a harness or similar to a rigid PCB or a combination of both. If designed for, they can repeatedly be flexed or folded. This is of special interest to the designers of systems with plug-ins and other moving devices. Flexible Pcb's were earlier mainly used in military and aerospace applicatons but now they are incorporated in many other fields like computers, industrial, consumer and automotive applications

The Advantage

....The advantage of using flexible PCB is not only space reduction but also higher reliability, complete elimination of wiring errors and less testing and assembly costs. Even connectors can be eliminated if pins, wires or plated-through holes are provided at the termination points.

Our Range of Products :

  • Simple Single Sided
  • Simple Double Sided
  • Complex Single Sided
  • Complex Double Sided
  • Multi-layered